1. Fire It Up

2. Funk It Up

3. Spirit It Up

4. Lock It Up

5. Merry Merry It Up

6. Home Alone It Up

7. Oh Brother It Up

8. Quit It Up

9. Ty It Up

10. My Fair Librarian It Up

11. Clean It Up

12. I Do It Up

13. Forward & Back It Up

14. Switch It Up

15. Love & War It Up

16. In The Bag It Up

17. Brain It Up

18. Opposites Attract It Up

19. Psych It Up

20. Future It Up

21. Oui Oui It Up

22. My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up

23. Haunt It Up

24. Stress It Up

25. Loyal It Up

26. Remember It Up

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